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Welcome to the Team...

We at Matlosana Stilfontein Animal Shelter is a Full No Kill Shelter. We rescue all types of animals and rely fully on Donations and Our Family of Friends who support us regularly.

Please do not Buy a Pet, rather contact us to offer a home to our Loved Ones here. They deserve a New Forever Home. And You will never find a more Greatful Soul than Your New Baby…

This is my story…

Matlosana Animal Shelter is a very personal passion project I dreamed of and created out of a very serious need for somewhere safe, comfortable, cosy, and “un-kennel-like”

At a very difficult time in my life, I needed that clarity, an extra “me” to be there ..and there was no one, and nowhere!
I used my time of introspection & healing to figure out where I was going in my life and where my passion lay?…I realised (I knew all along really) – that the only creatures in the whole world that meant ANYTHING to me are animals being abused and broken and dumped. Something was SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture!
My mind started racing at the possibilities. What would I want for animals… I took out a pen a paper and started writing…(It didn’t stop) …The dream was endless…(My love for animals was beckoning me!)
When you dream and imagine what was meant for you – it all became so wonderfully clear. I just knew!
I wanted babies – and yes I said “babies” in South Africa to be uplifted for a change! Out went the cement – it was time for some grass – some beds, blankets, comfort, music, scratches and tickles…I wanted harmony, happiness, and a true “home away from home” (as they all seem to say?) Doggie kisses, cuddles, extra treats, (just like in a home), Either way – isn’t it about making everyone feel safe and happy?
How did I choose the name? In all my creative thinking and ramblings I thought of the prerequisite for anyone working for my shelter, and what that would be? What would my advert for hiring any new staff read? I realised it would have to say – Matlosana Animal Shelter “WHERE WE CHOOSE LIFE!”

And my dream was born….! 🙂
I want Matlosana Animal Shelter – “WHERE WE CHOOSE LIFE! to be there for all the abandoned, lost and broken ‘babies’ – and that is all I ever wanted.

We opened Matlosana Animal Shelter – WHERE WE CHOOSE LIFE in March 2016! The best shelter for dogs in the country.